Dear Homo sapien sapien (wise wise men) I write this to make a swift, powerful acusation on our species. We Humans are not the reason why Earth is round and why about 70% of it is covered in water, yes we do benefit of it's resources and Earths sperical implications, but we are not the creators nor the destroyers of it either. "Global Warming" is not the end of our species and it definitely isn't the end of our planet. It is just a measely cycle of this Earth just like the Ice Ages. We tend to think to much about our selve's we are no better than the dirt that we stand in and not more powerful than mother nature. And we tend to live by those erroneous standards, we create a hierachal system for our society to live by, which is mostly determined by a person's economic stand point or there position in the countries goverment. But why? we do this because we humans need a person in which we can dump all of our troubles on, and can try to lead us for a while and when we don't like his point of view anymore, we tend to go for the next guy on the list even if the other candidate is a complete incompetent fool, and that my friends is not how we should structure our lives. We need change but not the change Obama promised because that is all a facade used by clever, oppurtunistic campaign manager that really wanted to win. So we need to stop and slow down because we need, not as a community or a peoples but as a species to take
control of our domain and let mother nature take its course of action, because we are not capable defeating or deceaving it, we are just another species which its survival depends on its enviroment and nature it self, we should never think more of our selves.