Barack Obama is

like a toned down version of Hitler, (Note: Don't get me wrong i don't want to compare everything from hitler what hitler did like the holocaust to obama.) But he does resemble hitler, he came in at a time of dispair and economic turmoil, just like obama he promised change, and prosperity for the people of germany, just like obama did with the american peoples. Americans with out jobs and not able to provide for there families turned to him as a symbol of guidance and relief, as anyone would, I myself would have done the same thing if put in the same position as many lower social economic families. But what i don't like about america is the full blown obession put on this one man, that by insulting him i be called a racist because I don't agree. I don't agree i believe Obama is a total tool just like any other president before him, they don't have the balls to get out there and say what they want, they have no power they are controlled by companies who have big agendas, whose CEO's are polishing there turts and telling there minions (Lobbyist) to get senators, congressman and presidents to drink down the there own piss.