Where should I start, Well it starts of pretty nicely until Channing Tatum trys to act, then the whole movie becomes a worthless brain fart. through out the whole movie there are many inconsistency that are just ridiculous.
1. When ripchord takes of in the night raven it goes about 5 mach, and the rockets go about 6 mach it's almost impossible to make it to the rockets position at that speed. 2. One rocket was going to Washington D.C. and another to Moscow
Ripchord manages to catch up with the rocket headed to moscow and destroys it. but then he heads to one in washington at a speed of mach 5 while the rocket goes at 6 mach and he miraculously gets just in time to destroy the rocket and save the white house. 3. This is pretty minor but it's an incosistency, they say it's the not so distant future but yet they drive a H2 Hummers aren't they being taken out of the market and isn't there an H3 Hummer.

Well I totally hated the movie, the lines are all uber-cliched and the acting was horrific and they better fire the casting director that gave Channing Tatum his job. The cartoon's were pretty bad but this was a new genre to itself, Julie and Julia
is way better than this. Please don't waste 10 bucks on this crap.

A most not watch!