Are we really in a economic crisis? I believe the media has been sensationalizing this over the top, no don't get me wrong I
know our goverment economic system is in the crapper but what people don't seem to realize is that we are doing well at this moment compared to last year. People please understand this is how money works, sometimes you have an over abundance of it, but if you don't regulate it well enough it will eventually go away and forever be lost. You also have to stop
blaming people like Bush it was not his fault okay he was under a very tough situation, and yes he was not a very good president,no he did not have the charm or powers of speech like Obama is said to have, and I'am not a supporter of Bush or a conservative of any kind. But my point is that Americans tend to linger on the words of CNN reporters as if it was the only thruth to the story. Companies like Kia, Hyundai and Ford are all doing very well for themselves and for the towns where there factorys are located, they have provided jobs for hundreds of families just this year alone. So people I'm not saying that we are at our best, but we are doing very well as a country in rough times. We are still the most powerful nation of this time and let's do all we can so China  doesn't get anywhere near us in finances and in milatary.