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Browsing Archive: July, 2009

Microsoft & Yahoo! try to takedown Google

Posted by Sir Ulrich on Wednesday, July 29, 2009, In : U.S. News 

In today's news Microsoft is teaming up with Yahoo! to make the best search engine ever to try to take down google.
When one company is big enough to join two of the biggest companies in the world, which compete against each
other for viewers and customers, you shouldn't even try to anger them because if they want to they can completely
wipe you out from the Search Engine Industry. So Microsoft please stop trying with your Bing.com and Yahoo! stick to
your E-mail services, and let google rule Int...

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"Harry Potter and the half blood prince"

Posted by Sir Ulrich on Wednesday, July 29, 2009, In : Movies & Classics 

The best Harry Potter so far I think, the part I don't like is that they don't reveal who the
Half Blood Prince "Snape" or "Alan Rickman" is until the end of the movie and they don't mention much
of him at all. I think J.K. Rowling should have chosen a better title for the book, at least the last 5 movies
names made some kind of roll or large part of the movie. But don't let this stop you from watching it, it is an
excellent movie lot's of action and Harry "Daniel Radcliffe" meets his new lover ...
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The Ugly Truth!

Posted by Sir Ulrich on Tuesday, July 28, 2009, In : Movies & Classics 

The Ugly Truth is all about this hot shot network producer "Katherine Heigl" who can't seem to find the perfect guy for her. When Mike Alexander "Gerard Butler" a outspoken commentator does a deal with her that he could get her a date, with her next door neighbor the hot shot Doctor "Eric Winter" but as they get to know each other they fall in love and live happily ever after.

It is your basic romantic comedy cliche. But it is enjoyable and does have alot of sexual remarks so don't recommend w...
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The Orphan

Posted by Sir Ulrich on Tuesday, July 28, 2009, In : Movies & Classics 
I went to see the orphan this weekend, my god there is not a moment of fear within the hole movie, at no point was i terrified at the "Little Girls Character." The movie made me laugh and at the same time it felt like i was watching a badly recreated "Ring" movie. Do i recommend it, well if your into all the suspense, and somewhat funny thrillers than you just might love this movie. But I will have to give it a Thumbs down.

Rating:         Genre: Thriller, Action, Terror


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Us Humans!

Posted by Sir Ulrich on Friday, July 17, 2009, In : Knowledge 
Dear Homo sapien sapien (wise wise men) I write this to make a swift, powerful acusation on our species. We Humans are not the reason why Earth is round and why about 70% of it is covered in water, yes we do benefit of it's resources and Earths sperical implications, but we are not the creators nor the destroyers of it either. "Global Warming" is not the end of our species and it definitely isn't the end of our planet. It is just a measely cycle of this Earth just like the Ice Ages. We tend t...
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Economic Crisis? Really!

Posted by Sir Ulrich on Monday, July 13, 2009, In : Politics 

Are we really in a economic crisis? I believe the media has been sensationalizing this over the top, no don't get me wrong I
know our goverment economic system is in the crapper but what people don't seem to realize is that we are doing well at this moment compared to last year. People please understand this is how money works, sometimes you have an over abundance of it, but if you don't regulate it well enough it will eventually go away and forever be lost. You also have to stop
blaming peopl...

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