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 Who Are We?

Knowledge Link,

is a company built on morals and strong bonds. We try striving for the best and to uphold our company’s philosophy, we do the best we can to bring the highest quality to our investors and investments.


We are a Technological company specializing in Web/Graphic Design and Investments in Social Networks and Blogging sites.


We work with many companies in our same business, we try to create synergy and long lasting partnerships with our allied companies to make the best effort and create the best quality product. 


   What is Philoculture?


We created  Philoculture to bring the people relief from those dull

Social Networks, which have them thinking on low levels. On our

website everything is free and simple to use, we wanted to

provide people with the ability to do anything they want with

out the need of any membership or money, to have unlimited

ability's to do as they like.


What's That?



Yola is a comprehensive software that our engineers

 used to create and other websites

 created by our company or affiliates. It is available to

 anyone at anytime. Our company has been using this

 software since 2007 and we are pleased to say that it is

 one of The best and most creative, simple and

 affordable web Software around.








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